The Only Good Vibes lads have been cementing their label’s status as one of the finest to see its inception last year. Release upon release have been sparkling audio diamonds.

OPOLOPO has been a steady contributor on OGV’s releases, so it was no surprise to see him back.

D.C. LaRue’s classic from 1978’s Confessions album gets an incredibly competent workover by one of the masters in the field. The track has been restructured, revamped and polished, and radiates more than ever in its new guise.

OPOLOPO has turned up the theatrics with the kettledrums roaring and rhythm guitars and strings getting a massive overhaul too making for a lush and wide sound that smothers the ears entirely.

Grab it off Only Good Vibes: https://onlygoodvibesmusic.com/ogv006-d-c-larue-let-them-dance-opolopo-remix-coming-soon/

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