The Scruffy Soul collective (Cal Gibson (Secret Soul Society), Neil Mason (The Found Sound Orchestra) & Jules Brennan, have their sixth EP out, simply titled Scruffy006 on their own Scruffy Soul Recordings imprint.

Once again the collective draw up an audio universe that’s intricate, alluring and soul-filled through and through.
Under vinyl crackling and wobbling the trio set from shore with jazzy, dreamy figments stolen here and there, re-assembled, re-located and re-loved in ways that are as unpredictable as they are genuinely joyous.

The Found Sound Orchestra is mysteriously missing on this release but might hide under the Scruffy Soul moniker on the first cut on the EP. Either way Secret Soul Society and Jules Brennan conjure up a creative storm of the likes you’ll only come across in the Scruffy Soul realm.

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