Berlin based Nu Genea recently released their third album. The band consists of Lucio Aquilina and Massimo Di Lena

The vibe is intended to purvey the sense and soul of an open place for people to meet, commune and fuse the multi-faceted cultures and influences in audio form.
Think a bar at the end of the world where musicians meet and join in a universal jam.

What’s come out of it is a Funk infused blend that exists between the realms of Disco, Funk and World Music.

Tienaté stands out as the most upbeat of the litter, but it does so much more.
With vibes from African Funk and Persian Disco with singer Fabiana Martone leading the charge towards an eternal summer full of Neapolitan soul, casting the listener into a veritable spell.

This is a proper hands-in-the-air-sing-a-long anthemic summer hit much in the same vein and vibe as Midtgaard’s Sommerfugl form last year.

Grab Tienaté off the Bar Mediterraneo album over at Bandcamp.

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