Drop Out Orchestra have pledged to only release new tracks in two ways:

  1. Vinyl
  2. On their Bandcamp

Heat ushers in the new era! The kings are dead. Long live the kings!

This is the Drop Out boys with no restrictions, no limitations and with fresh energy from the falsetto donning Steve Kimber whom you also heard lending his vocals on the Drop Out Orchestra’s Bobby Duffy & The Soulmates track Birthday Suit (yup, the one with the legendary video!).

Heat is a two-faced affair with a funky bass guitar driven section and a throbbing Moroder-ish Disco section both interlacing and fusing over its generous 12″ length of 8:04.

The loooong outro spotlights Inko’s string work, and crackles like the vinyl it could have resonated on.

Visit their Bandcamp right away.

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