Ben Jamin has been omnipresent all of 2022, with a slew of wicked releases on not only our own Discoholics Anonymous Recordings but also Too Slow To Disco, Nu Monkey Records and now Fingerman‘s Hot Digits Music.

His Cosmic Miracle EP is just that! 5 slow chuggers ranging from 93-105 BPM. All soulful, lush and velvety.

I got to pick and fell for Napoli, a loopy grooved up reloving of Mark Capanni’s I Believe In Miracles from 1973, which for me always was stronger than the Jackson Sisters‘ version.

The EP is full of kindred spirited tracks and for me stands as the finest from Hot Digits Music this year, and that’s saying something as their output has had a staggeringly high level of quality all over.

Check out Ben’s stuff over here.

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