Jazz N Palms is a jazz-inspired project from Italian DJ and producer Riccio.

He started this project after moving to Ibiza and falling under the spell of its ancestral side, its sweet and slow pace of life and the natural rhythms of the beauty in the north of the island.

In summer, he served up his fantastic Ses Rodes double album which was dedicated to the original way of life that had remained almost unchanged till the early 80s party explosion.

Those influence are very prominent in Milano (Disco Instrumental Mix) which is an up-tempo, funk-fused piece of Disco fusion melt with a snazzy drizzle of contemporary vibes.

The bass line rides like a car chase down San Francisco’s streets, and the synths are reminiscent of Todd Terje and HP Lindstrøm, all interlaced and intertwined beautifully.

The whole Milano EP can be bought as of November 25th 2022 on Jazz N Palm’s Bandcamp.

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