Norwegian Diskomiks legend Prins Thomas soars high on this emotive remix of The Phenomenal Handclap Band‘s Burning Bridges on Razor-N-Tape.

Dubby elusiveness and ethereal layer upon layer of sound is what Prins Thomas excels at.

With a long series of Diskomikses for various names, PT has established himself as one of the most cunning and recognizable remixers out there, always delivering something unique, yet located in the same sonic universe.

The Diskomiks of Burning Bridges builds slowly and yet relentlessly emitting an aura of positive energy.

For me this adds a dubby, Nordic sound to the sun filled and lingering original, creating a sense of sophistication much akin to the feel of the original, yet with a completely different spin on it. The way a good remix should.

Out on Bandcamp now.

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