Robin Lee is Andromeda Orchestra, here in his sixth release on Faze Action Records.

It’s evident that a LOT of work has gone into not only this playful dub version, but in all four tracks on the release. Exactly how we’re used to from Andromeda Orchestra.

I’ve singled out Bad Girl (Disco Dub Mix), which is also the opener, as it for me represents a playful entry into AO’s style and spirit that really made my ears pop.

Swooning strings open the ball and we plunge right into the deep end of the pool, with a dubby and playful sonic universe that echos of glory and hedonism.

Rhythm guitars, sweeping synth, glorious solos and Italo piano riffs make out the basis of Bad Girl (Disco Dub Mix).

It adds so much to the vocal driven original, which in itself is a fine, fine track. That’s the whole beauty of Dub.

This is a proper hands-in-the-air operation, yet adding another dimension for those of us who bother to put on the headphones and immerse ourselves, surrendering to the sonic universe created here.

There’s an abundance of stuff in here for headphone adventures too! The production is lush and lavish, lacking only a live string and brass section to fully incorporate the decade it so cleverly emulates.

If you’re at it, don’t miss the equally magnificent, but much more down-tempo and love sick Twilight Lady. Absolutely adorable stuff to fall head over heels for!

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