Nobody sounds like Jo Paciello, let’s get that out first off.

His sound is incredibly clean and well-produced, each part shining bright in the mix.

His use of particularly the trumpet is used front and center, with some gorgeous solos and improvisations.

The beauty of a Positano Goodbye lies in its intricate layering of soundscapes, incorporating elements of jazz, funk, and soul.

The use of warm, rich basslines, smooth chord progressions, and piano riffs creates a lush, hypnotic atmosphere that is both soothing and energizing.

Positano Goodbye also incorporates a variety of percussive elements, such as shakers, hi-hats, and snare drums, to create a lively and danceable rhythm. Super clean and super crunchy.

These elements, when combined with the melodic and harmonic components, create a sonic tapestry that is both intricate and immersive.

Furthermore Paciello adds a vocal sample with delay effects into the track, adding another layer of depth and emotion to the music, imbuing the track with a sense of soulful longing or introspection.

The track has been carved into the number one spot on Traxsource‘s Lounge/Chill Out chart for weeks. A place where you can find the majority of Paciello‘s work.

We’re happy to announce that Jo Paciello will be our guest on Hot To The Touch in May 2023.

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