Few producers hold the same pedigree as Sauco does.

To me he’s at the absolute forefront of Balearic, with his amazingly sunkissed sound.

This is his first release on Danish cult mastodon Music For Dream. A label with a huge following and a vibe tailored for Sauco’s emotive and sun soaked productions. Like a glove.

Barbate” is the first track and is both mellow and uplifting at the same time. The energy is hugely positive and easygoing.
The laid back bass is bathed in layers of lush synth pads, adding an ethereal vibe to the track. Laid over the rhythm guitar is a Flamenco guitar, scaling improv’ed riffs with a slight shimmer of delay. Dreamy, sun filled and infections, just what I need sitting here with my headphones on, waiting for the hazy summer nights to return.

The track will sit well in any out door / beach bar setting.

To me this is one of the finest compositions from Sauco thus far.

Kohlu” hails deeper from the nether parts of the Mediterranean, with tight ties to the Middle East.

Snake charming vibes,  Raqs Shaabi (belly dancing), smoke filled air and sweat dripping from the walls. That’s the vibe I get from “Kohlu“.

This is actually classic Sauco, digging deeper on the second track on a release, much like he did on his “Sunkissed EP“.

This is a fitting addition to the immense “Barbate“, giving the new listener a full journey into the sonic realm of Sauco.

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