Discozilla Records launched last year, and is steadily ramping up its releases.

Main man Joji Chissu, aka Ezirk, serves up three lavishly produced tracks, ranging from Lounge/Chill Out to Disco Funk.

All share one common trait: They have been produced with a full set of seasoned studio musicians.

It’s a groovy wonderland.

With infectious basslines, funky rhythm guitar, and vibrantly syncopated synths and piano riffs, “Erotic Paradise will have you moving and grooving.

Clementine Esquivel‘s silky-smooth delivery effortlessly glides over the top of the tight instrumentation, weaving a tale of love and desire.

Particularly “Mixed Signals” is spellbinding with its power and energy.

It’s the kind of track that you’ll have on repeat for days on end, and every time you listen to it, you’ll discover something new and exciting to appreciate.

Erotic Paradise” is a passionate masterpiece, and a testament to the incredible musicianship and creativity that goes into creating timeless music.

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