Dimitri from Paris has performed a remarkable remix of Casbah 73‘s organic disco groove..

The tracks ‘To Be Free‘ and ‘Doing Our Own Thing‘ received a great response when initially released on 12″ in late 2019, receiving widespread support from notable names in the music industry.

The original record has continued to gain popularity through word of mouth, leading to the creation of a 7″ version with an edit or remix of ‘Doing Our Own Thing‘ by Dimitri from Paris, who expressed his admiration for the track.

Oli Stewart (Casbah 73), while preparing the stems for Dimitri to remix, was impressed with the extensive material available from the recording sessions, leading him to create two new versions of ‘To Be Free‘ that maintain the original organic groove while incorporating new elements and a more definitive turn towards the dancefloor.

Alas back to the two magnificent DFP remixes at hand!

Part 1 of Dimitri’s two “Doing My Own Thing” remixes is a fully-fledged DFP remix clocking in at 125 BPM.

A full 1:18 minutes of intro makes this feel like a proper oldskool 12″ remix. Brass segment, rhythm guitars, Rhodes keys, it’s got it all.

Part 2 is a more upfront, a little less flashy but still chuck full of glitter and cowbell. Like those magical AA 12″ with a special version on the flip.

It’s been an incredible year for the DFP fanbase already.

This double hearted gift lifts an already magnificent DFP year to where the air gets thin and the head hazy.

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