If you’re in the mood for some lively and playful energy, Munky Fike is the artist to turn to! Their track “Show Me The Way” can be found on the EP “Cabra Cega” by Diversity Collective.

This EP features four party anthems, and “Show Me The Way” is a particularly exciting addition. It blends elements of fast-paced House music with a touch of refined 1970s Disco glamour.

Show Me The Way” is designed to get your feet moving and your body grooving. Its infectious rhythm and energetic beats make it perfect for those peak moments on the dance floor.

Whether you’re at a club, a festival, or just hosting a lively gathering with friends, this track will set the right vibe and keep the party going strong.

The combination of chugging House and musky hints of Disco from the 1970s create a unique sound that is both nostalgic and fresh.

It pays homage to the disco era while infusing it with modern production techniques and an upbeat tempo. The result is a track that exudes a sense of fun and positivity, instantly putting a smile on your face and making you want to move your body.

So, if you’re seeking a dose of cheeky fun vibes and an irresistible urge to dance, Munky Fike‘s “Show Me The Way” is the perfect choice.

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