Bruce Leroys‘ musical journey has brought him to labels like Get Physical, Yoshitoshi, Off, Kittball & Loulou, exploring different instruments and experimenting with sound production. Over the years, he honed his skills as a producer, combining his technical expertise with a deep understanding of musicality. This allowed him to craft tracks that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Bruce Leroys‘ disco track “Tempo” gets a captivating makeover in the Art of Tones Remix released on Aureum.

The remix infuses the original with infectious energy, blending disco elements and electro Funk.

It’s a meticulously crafted mix that balances nostalgia and innovation, creating a fusion of past and present. With its funky bassline, rhythm guitar and a slab of phat keys the Funk factor is through the roof.

Overall, it’s a remarkable transformation that showcases the creative vision and production prowess of Art of Tones, delivering a fresh and nostalgic Disco experience.

Helóra’s vocals are lush and fits the overall blend beautifully.

Art Of Tones never fails.

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