Four Flies Records, a Rome-based label, delves deep into the sonic relics of vintage Italian soundtracks and pop tunes, spanning the late ’50s to early ’80s. But they’re not merely collectors; they’re sonic archaeologists, unearthing forgotten gems from the vaults of great composers, rescuing them from the jaws of obscurity. Their mission isn’t just about nostalgia; it’s about the reverberations of the past in the present. That’s why, alongside their archival releases, they inject new life into old sounds with DJ remixes and contemporary reinterpretations, turning yesterday’s melodies into today’s beats.

At hand we have two sonic reverberations from the genius Riz Ortolani (1924-2014) who’s cinematic work spans 5 decades.

For the first time on a sleek 7-inch vinyl, dive into the grooviest beats straight from the Riz Ortolani-crafted soundtrack of “Confessione Di Un Commissario Di Polizia Al Procuratore Della Repubblica,” the gritty ’71 crime flick by Damiano Damiani, featuring the iconic Franco Nero.

Confessione Di Un Commissario Di Polizia Al Procuratore Della Repubblica
by Riz Ortolani releases June 7, 2024 on Four Flies Records

Side A kicks off with “Serena e Lomunno,” a jazz enchantment jammed by a mysterious quartet, their identities lost to the ether.

On Side B, the trio’s stripped-down rendition of “Il ricordo di Serena” sacrifices the piano but maintains the rhythmic pulse of its predecessor.
Bass and drums take center stage, their sharp notes intermingling with the sultry tones of electric guitar and piano, crafting a tapestry of irresistible jazz-funk breaks primed for sampling.

A must-have addition to Four Flies’ revered collection of Italian golden age soundtracks and library productions.


Riz Ortolani – Confessione Di Un Commissario Di Polizia Al Procuratore Della Repubblica [Four Flies Records]

Four Flies Records

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