Roberta Flack – Uh Uh Ooh Ooh Look Out Here It Comes (Crates Motel 2024 ReMaster) [Crates Motel]
The Wild Violets – Sunshine (Dr Packer Remix) [The Disco Express]
Harlem Dance Club – Stop Dancing (Original Mix) [Hot Gorilla]
Roel – 44th Soho Street [Groove Culture]
Smoove & Turrell – Geno’s Discotheque (Aroop Roy Remix) [Jalapeno Records]
Bazza Ranks & Yam Who? Ft. Elaine Dowling – The Cure (Da Lukas Remix) [Midnight Riot]
DJ Fudge – Escapade [Big Love]
LUP INO – Takin’ My Time With You (Rework) [BC]
Sam Ruffillo – Mind & Soul (Art Of Tones Remix) [Razor N Tape]
Demarkus Lewis – Create The Fusion [Grin Trax]
Harvey Ross – Hear The Funky Music [RH2]
Mortimer Snert III, Steve Miggedy Maestro – So Far Away (Miggedy’s Jazz Disko Folk Slap) [Miggedy Entertainment]

As you can see we have changed the labelling a little bit, now stating the episode number instead of the date. This is to future proof our content and make referencing across platforms easier. 
Another more obvious reason is that we’re branching out adding two more radio stations who will be airing Hot To The Touch as of June 2024.

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