The WildViolets, groovy disco darlings hailing from London, are on a mission to make you boogie. Channeling iconic vibes from the likes of Nile Rodgers and the modern magic of Parcels, they’ve perfected a sound that’s a delightful mix of old-school charm and futuristic flair.
Imagine a vintage analog warmth wrapped in sleek, cutting-edge Nu Disco production.
With irresistible hooks, contagious guitar riffs, and lush synths, The WildViolets are keeping the dance floor alive and kicking with an irresistible charm.
The EP gets an extra sprinkle of disco dust with a classic remix from the legendary Dr Packer. Known for his knack for blending nostalgia with a modern twist, Dr Packer elevates The WildViolets’ Sunrise to global dance floor gold, just in time for the summer.


The WildViolets – Sunrise [The Disco Express]

The WildViolets

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