It takes no sly Shazam fox to recognize the base for this track. FabioLous Barker disassembled everything the king of pop did on Wanna Be Starting Something, and brushed, polished and loved it up good before re-assembling it as 2020 revamp to boot. In the process vocals were added and magic appeared in audio form!

Included on the EP is a 3 AM Mood version, which is as cool as a Havana night with a lemony slice of R ‘n’ B, taking the juicy chunks from the original downtown, top down, rollin’ on chrome.

Fabio began his swashbuckling ways in music in Buenos Aires back in 1983 armed with 2 cassette tape recorders. From there he started creating tapes and compilations rapidly gaining popularity amongst his high school peers. Requests to DJ at parties soon followed – The local scene had changed for good.

Time warp to 2006: Fabio relocated to London, and soon establishing himself as a freeloading hero of the new Lost Boys of Disco. In 2012 he devised Ganbatte Records with releases from Dim Zach, C Da Afro, Hotmood and FabioLous Barker himself.

2020 is set for FabioLous Barker. With forthcoming production / remixes for Savage, Lisa Moorish, Tom Findlay (one half of Groove Armada).
Ganbatte Records has got a slate of cool releases in the tubes, and Fabio’s debut album is due later in 2020.

Purchase exclusively on Junodownloads.

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