Romanian power player, And Friends Records, has teamed up with some of the best Disco mastodons from Greece on this spectacular edition of their ongoing VA-series. We’ve reached issue 6!

C. Da Afro – Static Disco is a late seventies organ driven, dialed back up-lifter with a guitar solo interwoven. Stunner of a track!

Dim Zach – Fancy Rules has all the makings and trimmings of a masterful Zachian rework. The vocals fit his über-cool audio bedding like a fully pimped, top down ’77 Buick Electra.

Ezirk – Nasty Flavors ramps it up a tad and lays it down like a polyester suited, cape-wearing New York pimp on a bender. Cool with lingering flavor of dancefloor mayhem.

J.B. Boogie – Power ends the party in such a big way. This upskirt naughty-boy of a track oozes of hedonism and peak time party. Essential!

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