This week’s first premiere is from an artists who it’s been impossible not to bump into over the course of 2020. Ken Walker aka. Ken@Work lives up to his rather busy moniker!


Spa In Disco never sleep on their laurels. We have premiered two tracks from them already in 2021, and the year isn’t even a month old! Talk about a disco arsenal…

Just Ain’t Nothing / Love In Mallorca

High Stepper is an incredible mid-tempo cornerstone track in my current most played tracks. It’s got it all: a phenomenal original, a solid groove and drive that’s uncanny for a mid-tempo track. The base of the track is Love Unlimited’s High Steppin’, Hip Dressin Fella from 1979.

It’s actually a laid back 70ies groove, respiffed to perfection by Ken@Work, adding a deeper groove foundation to its core, and a playful yet withheld execution production wise.

I’ve said it many times before: Spa In Disco has proven itself as an integral player on the Nu Disco/Re-edits scene.

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