Few labels burned themselves into my stream of consienceness as And Friends Records.
Their VA series reaches 8 with this iteration, and the quality is growing more than proportionally.

Four amazing tracks line up and make out VA 008.

Hotmood – Turn Around sets the tone from the get go. Hotmood is a staple in the industry. A manmachine of driving and forcefull edits that leave you panting on the dance floor. This track is no exception.
A 70ies Disco pastiche with layers of glaze and funked up glossing.

Ken@Work – Cool is a soulful and yet surprisingly pound for pound discomachine that leaves the mirrorball dripping with steam.
Soulful vocals, strings, slapbass and Rhodes all swim together as a powerful entry on VA008.

Monsieur Van Pratt – Get It Down takes it up a notch, yet keeps it funky and soulful. Pimpin’ with a superfly attitude this re-edit by the by now full fledged star Monsieur Van Pratt is a rarity as his output of re-edits has decreased dramatically for him to focus on his own music.
And Friends managed to twist some gold out of him anyway!

Ezirk – Shinga Taboo is the dirty secret of the release. Ezirk has been making a name for himself with some stunning re-edits at the end of 2020, and is just waiting to explode enormously anytime!
This track is a teasing disco dazzler that will drive the floor crazy before sampled strings break it down and drags you back up again.

A tour de force from the And Friends crew. If you buy ONE album this week: THIS IS IT!

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