Valique kicks off 2021 with this mixed bag of top-shelf reworks. Last we heard from V’s Edits was his stint on our Discoholics Anonymous 1 compilation in December.

DeoData – Ain’t Shot Nobody (V’s Never edit) is a cowbell-laden, lasered-up, body-boogieng reworking of Deodato’s rethinking of I Shot The Sheriff. Valique squeezes as much Disco gusto from it as he possible can, without overstretching it.
This will please both long-time fans and attract new-comers to the land of Vehicle Records.

Gil – Explanations (V’s edit) digs deeper, with a single note groove, built up buy amazing percussion work, droning like a tribal incantation before synth pads sear through the soundscape.
This is spaced out, funky and yet tribal at the same time. This generates a unique groove that is just mental!

LLS – Expansions (Vs Extra Width edit) is as classic a funk jig as you can get. The bassline is instantly recognizable by young and old.
Valique takes it on a spaced out field trip with a spatial audio experience that calls for some proper headphones action. It’s trippy, yet surprisingly solid at the same time. This dualistic approach isn’t surprising if you are familiar with V’s Edits.

Adriano – Nostra Rock (V’s edit) is the chugger on the EP. Electric and gritty it slowly but steadily starts growing. Building on droning loops and hard kick and filtering, Valique digs deep on this one.
This is just right to drive the crowd into the next state of frenzy if dropped at the right time.
It’s not the most accessible track on the EP, but it stands out and just oozes of energy and power.

Nobody does what he does. Nobody sounds like he does. Yet he reinvents himself on every release, never going stale, always keeping it fresh and unpredictable.

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