I always snicker a bit when I see the “edit” tag in V’s Edits‘ work. What he does transcends the “edit” term by fathoms.
This is surely the case too on the follow-up to his highly successful Reprecussions collection which was released back in March.

Round two brings you three perfect reworks, as I would label them, from one of the masters in the field. Deluxe work allround.

RS – Fingerprint Tile (V’s Getting You Down edit) rocks out with wild, frizzled hair and a cool demeanor.
Guitars and Hammond intertwine like the scent of liquor and cigarette smoke in a roadside bar in rural Texas.
Add to this some of V’s trademark spaced out effects and a STELLAR mixing you have something really worth your time. This is intelligent dance floor music in 2021.

Dr. Adolf – Sensation (V’s Edit) is, despite its less flatterning name, a piece of low-down, homegrown Space Funk from the top-shelf.
V turns up the boogie factor to near max, just before it starts to crank, and holds it all down with a effervescent blend of low oomph, African Tribal/Disco chants and kick that has you bass woofer dancing like it’s 1999.

V’s ends the ball with pathos and depth. On FMAC – Listen To The Wind Blow (V’s edit) he takes on the by now classic Chains by Fleetwood Mac.
Theatrical, brooding and larger than life, this has all the makings of becoming an immortal V’s Edit classic and join the league of legends.
Building up slow and smoothly, V distills the soul of the original and squeezes it into a super-concentrate that he drizzles onto of an incredibly solid foundation of a highly percussive rhythm section

Check out V’s Disco Den on Bandcamp. It will drain your wallet.

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