So… 2021 is almost over. What a year! Who’d have thought it would rival 2020 in the way it has? I dreaded it, but didn’t think it would. Well, it did.

So what was 2021 about then? If 2020 taught me anything it was the magic of friendship, and that friendships can for across oceans and continents. I am fortunate enough to enjoy many friendships across a myriad of countries.
I had hoped that 2021 would bring the opportunity to see some of them in real life.
I was invited many times, but in the window where it was possible my family was struck by the death of two dear and close relatives. I’m sure 2022 will be my year, where I get to hug some of my friends, who I can thank for a lot of the success that my projects are experiencing. 

I’d like to thank Martin Petersson for his continued dedication to our radio show, Hot To The Touch, to Lucian-George Berbereche aka Ezirk for being a stellar resident on the show, and for advice and suggestions too. Yiannis Tsetsonis, who owns Prime Radio, where the show airs, for still believing in our mission. The Disco Waltons for encouragement, silliness, banter and many good hours in various online chat rooms. 

Sauco, Kristoff MX (Christopher E. de los Monteros), Twin Sun (Pete Wheeler & Jamie Wilcox), Ferdinand Debeaufort (Ferdinand Margaté), DiCE_NZ (Dave Ti), Disco Lust (Chewy Vega, Rafa Varela), Dexter Jones (Danny Carroll), Pete Ellison, Akeem Raphael, Even Funkier (Tom Whittaker), Ben Jamin (Benjamin Winstanley), the extraordinary artists who gave their heart blood to my wee label to bring into the world for everybody to hear. Thanks for your confidence. to check out their hard/heart work.

Igor Gonya, DiCE_NZ, Dexter Jones, C. Da Afro, Twin Sun, Lup Ino, Pete Le Freq, Ezirk, G Prajekt, The Loneliest Hunk, Andy Buchan, Uptown Funk, Ben Jamin, The Secret Soul Society, De Gama, Ferdinand Debeaufort, Pete Ellison & Even Funkier all pitched in with tracks and confidence in me to make this year’s Discoholics Anonymous compilation, Discoholics Anonymous 2, happen. I feel the level of quality set last year is more than maintained by this year’s edition. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do. 

Again this year Jimmy Knudsen, who is still putting the final touches to an app called ARTfora, did the exquisite artwork. How cool is that? I can’t wait for you guys to see what a cool he has created!

If you like this year’s edition, share it, play it loud and mention us to people who don’t know about us.
As with last year, your donations are more than welcome.

Much love


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