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Summer is upon us, the blog had a fresh coat of paint and it’s been a while since we had a proper give-away. So we thought we’d celebrate summer by giving away 4 free tracks across July.

We’ve been given four incredible tracks from Monsieur Van Pratt, Lup Ino, Picossu and The Found Sound Orchestra. All are top drawer tracks from saner times in a simpler world, and they will all bring a smile to your faces.

New download every Friday, beginning Friday July 1st!

We are also releasing this year’s Summer Disco real soon. 20 of the best of best tracks to use as a soundtrack for your summer party, beach party, cruising in you car or your walkman. Stay tuned for more info

Hot To The Touch

We’re expanding the roster of residents. Last year saw Ezirk join the team, and we’re boosting the roster again by welcoming Mauro Vecchi on the team!
Mauro’s career as a DJ span 3 decades and to call him a seasoned DJ would be a brash understatement.
Mauro will add a cool and sophisticated vibe to the show. Welcome on board, Mauro!

The roster of regular hosts is now:

Discoholic Ken, MartinMax, Ezirk & Mauro Vecchi.

Hot To The Touch is available on Soundcloud, iTunes Podcast, Google Podcast and Deezer. Find it right here, and catch all the shows you’ve missed.

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