Fresh from showcasing a clutch of killer reworks on the ‘Too Slow To Disco Edits’ series, Ben Jammin’ brings his brand of slow-motion goodness to DIscoholics Anonymous Recordings. Strictly speaking, the two tracks on show aren’t edits since they include additional instrumentation and production, but they are heavily based on samples from lesser-known disco cuts. ‘Some People’ is a pleasingly smacked-out groover, with the rising star combining pitched-down lifts from a string-laden disco gem with his own beats and a particularly wiggly acid line. ‘Injection’, meanwhile, is closer to a “straight” edit – albeit one boosted by fresh drums – with Ben Jamin cannily rearranging a mid-tempo disco-funk number.

– Juno Download

Coming fresh off Too Slow To Disco the Liverpool Disco sensation is back on Discoholics Anonymous Recordings with this phenomenal two tracker, primed to blow off your socks!

Some People is a slow yet packed and ready 303-laden piece of secret weapon.

Injection is what it says on the bin: 111 BPM chugger with all the trimmings.

Exclusively on Juno Download.

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