Discozilla impressed us immensely with their debut release by Stephane Deschezeaux in September 2022.

Now the mysterious label with the ULTRA cool cover art is back. Special agent Joji Chissu is tapped to drop the gauntlet on the roaring Discozilla, and he does that with so much class!

Kiss You is a top-shelf piece of Soul-riddled Funk with a light Disco demeanor.

The craftsmanship of every single instrument is incredibly sculpted, and it oozes of an organic vibe due to the amount of live instrumentation. Brass section, funky bass, improv synths, flute… It’s got it all.

This sounds like something straight out of 1983, but is in fact 100 % 2023.

The level of passion for each release from this new label is above and beyond whatever you might have come to expect of a modern label. The cover art itself bear witness of sublime sense for detail and love for each individual project, yet seamlessly tying them together.

Joji Chissu has only had one more release, which was on Russian Mango Sounds last year. Another great track that managed to gain some attention. This on the other hand is a completely different ball game.
It would seem that Chissu is either a multi-instrumentalist, or has some might fine studio musician connections.

It doesn’t get more pure-bred than this. Secret tip of the year! Don’t sleep on this one.

Get Joji Chissu – Kiss You here.

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