Charly Angelz and the exceptionally talented songstress Venessa Jackson have joined forces to unleash an electrifying cut titled “Disco Freedom.”

This sonic delight is an embodiment of Charly Angelz‘s profound expertise and influence within the vibrant realm of nu disco, orchestrating an immersive auditory voyage that effortlessly compels bodies to sway and groove.

Disco Freedom” presents an enchanting fusion of nu disco elements, vividly showcasing Charly Angelz‘s signature sonic tapestry and innovative music production prowess.

The track is elevated by the soul-stirring vocals of Venessa Jackson, imbuing an additional layer of profound emotion and richness to the already astounding composition.

Anticipating an exhilarating release schedule that extends beyond 2023, Charly Angelz embarks on a mission to sow euphoria and rhythm among Disco aficionados across the globe.

Her adeptness at seamlessly interweaving genres and conjuring infectious cadences has engendered a fervent following of fans who deeply resonate with her capacity to forge musical connections that transcend boundaries.

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