Friends and family

and Friends community: Community hosted and curated by the eminent Ezirk. Both a home for own releases, and of course of friends!

Lisztomania Community: is a mix of labels and curations primarily on SoundCloud. They regularly curate fantastic releases from labels like Sundries, Mango Sounds, Super Spicy and many more.

The Art Of Edits: a cozy and growing community af lovers of fine re-edits. Curated by the ineffable DJ BK.

DiscoDaze: DiscoDaze is a weekly radio show broadcasting each Friday night from 10pm to midnight on Open Tempo 105.1FM out of Waterford, Ireland. The broadcast is also available to stream at
The show is typically split into two one hour slots. The first hour is a selection of individual tracks that include exclusives, promos and recently released tunes. The second hour hosts a guest DJ from somewhere across the disco house planet.You can find the full collection of DiscoDaze shows from July 2017 at

Spin City: a weekly Disco oriented radio show on My House Radio, NYC. It’s host by Goz, with a great variety of guest DJs.

“Spin city for me started when the owner of myhouseradio fm contacted me and asked if I’d do a weekly show. I listened to the station for a couple of weeks (and was blown away by the quality of dj’s on the roster) but realised it was mostly a house based rosterThe site was top class. In fact the best I’d visited in terms of being able to interact with listeners. There is no better chat room set up (that I’ve seen) online. So it immediately hit me that if I could get a group of like minded folks in there it would be a winner.”

Goz, Spin City

Fingerman show. The Don of Disco, Fingerman (Gregg Holmes) runs a veritable gangster’s den for Funksters and Disco-dudes.

Gazzz696 runs a nifty YouTube channel and a SoundCloud where he dispenses generously on great tracks from a variety of crazy cool labels and artists. Absolutely unmissable, if you want the freshest of fresh!