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Hot To The Touch 050321 With Sartorial & Discoholic Ken On Prime Radio Discoholics Anonymous presents Hot To The Touch

Together with guest mixer Sartorial, Discoholic Ken raids the weekend with a dazzling blend of Disco, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz and House. Sartorial has been putting out incredible releases with his and Moodena’s acclaimed Tropical Disco Records. As an artist and DJ, London based Sartorial aka. Alex Sartori has been a driving force on the British Disco scene for years. With tracks like Woblecopter, Together, Little Love and his collaboration with Moodena Got That Feeling, Sartorial has flexed his Disco biceps plenty. Check out Sartorial here: Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mr-v-sartorial Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/djsartorial/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sartorial_tropical_disco/ Discoholic Ken: Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face (Poolside Remix) [Capitol] YOU HEARD IT FIRST: Sauco – Raymond Goes To Maspalomas [Discoholics Anonymous Recordings] Cole Medina – Use Your Heart (Cole’s Tru Luv mix) [Licorice Delight US] PREMIERE: Jack Tennis – Jorge’s Pipa [Too Slow To Disco] Stephen Richards – Grand A.M. [Bandolier] The Owl – Bass Boy [Cardiology] 29 march Hurlee – Brasilia [Tropical Disco] Frank Virgilio – The Bag (Jay Ru & Fingerman’s Baggy Mix) [Hot Digits] out march 8th Walterino, Jaime Lewis, The Dukes – Cosmic Funk (The Dukes Main Mix) [Purple Disco Records] Disco Feelings – Disco Man [Spa In Disco] PREMIERE: Disco Lust – French Connection [Dusty Disko Records] Sartorial: 1   Zommble                  Gator Boots Vol 15  2   New Dance                Ezirk 3   Secret Squieewls        A23 4   JV                             Edit Channel XXX 5   CC Amor                    ray mang 6   Gotta Scratch             Conan Liquid  7   What's Wrong             Brother In Arts  8   Feeeels                      CN Williams  9   Richard Scholtz,Atho   Fun k That  10  Monsiueur Van Pratt   Super Funk  11  UNKNOWN               EEE records
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