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Hot To The Touch 180621 With Ezirk & Discoholic Ken On Prime Radio Discoholics Anonymous presents Hot To The Touch

Monthly resident Ezirk returns with a stunner of a session, joining forces with Discoholic Ken, who gets to open the ball with a rappin' spree of tracks from the early 80ies, over to fresh pickings from Tropical Disco, BeachGroove Records, Hot Digits, Hot Gorilla and some handsome digital crate digging from Bandcamp. Ezirk drops it like it's hot with a fly, fresh session with an array of dew droppingly fresh tracks from his personal stash. Check out Discoholic Ken: https://soundcloud.com/discoholicken https://www.facebook.com/officialdiscoholic Ezirk: https://soundcloud.com/ezirk https://www.facebook.com/ezirkandfriends Hour 1 Discoholic Ken: The Groovemaster – Rappin’ Spree (Sir Dancealot Reprove) [Bandcamp] Nese Karaböcek – Yali Yali (Todd Terje edit) [Soundcloud] The Groovemaster – Apache (Pimpin Willie’s Ultrafunk’D Redux) [Bandcamp] First True Dub Frankie Knuckles – Tears (Drop Out Orchestra Rework) [Bandcamp] Afro Image Band – Beakdance 2000 [BeachGroove Records] HP Vince, Dan Ros – Body [Tropical Disco] Andy Buchan – Baby I’m Not Sure (Stephen Richards Remix) [Hot Gorilla] Ezirk – Our Love Story [Hot Digits] Dubbel Drop – Afro Image Band – Black Jungle [BeachGroove Records] Hour 2 Ezirk: Tracklist inbound
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