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Cal Gibson, who’s behind Secret Soul Society, has been featured many times on our blog. Here he debuts with his first “proper” release on Discoholics Anonymous Recordings.

Lucid Disco is the first in a series of what can only be described too vaguely. It’s a peculiar blend of Balearic, Disco, House, Dub and something that is elusive at best.

Bring Me Love is the most Balearic of the three entries on the EP. It’s full of a wistful sueño vibe, adding layer upon layer, disintegrating, reassembling, morphing and throbbing. It’s like being at beach, but still be laying in your bed with closed eyes and a set of headphones on.

Talkin About Love lingers more in the House realm, with a loopy mind of its own, creating a state of trance-like early morning raving in an abandoned warehouse. The repetitive yet morphing mindset drags you in, elusive yet firm. Sensational.

Needy finishes the EP with a Disco vibe with some dubbed out strings, and a subbed out 303 that roams the low end of the spectrum menacingly. The track bends towards Electro in some parts only to dive back into Disco. Jedi mindtricks!

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