Ten Fingerz, a master of sonic innovation, unleashes a powerful wave of musical genius on Frappé‘s latest offering, the Jeux de Mains EP
It’s my absolute thrill to present the premiere of “Disco Ztringz,” a standout track that encapsulates the essence of this stomper of a release. 
This piece is a seamless blend of two worlds: the raw, unadulterated power of the 808 drum machine, which lays the foundation for what can only be described as a grand cru of Warehouse anthem, and the hypnotic loops of classic disco groove that send listeners on a nostalgically tinged yet fresh journey. 
Hard-hitting and irresistibly danceable. The energy is palpable, creating a sweat-dripping atmosphere that’s perfect for those late-night escapades.


Ten Fingerz – Disco Ztringz [Frappé]

Frappé Records

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