The timemachine sets its sonic preference to late 80ies House chug as Larry Houl’sUnfortunate Lover” blasts on the Alpine speakers in the DeLorean.

This is one for the House purist who will have a field day with this well-crafted, pure-of-heart, chunky good House from the able hands of Larry Houl, which can be found on The Disco Express‘ “Into The Void EP,” which drops March 12th, 2024.

Larry Houl, a versatile artist who has been leaving his mark on the French house music scene for nearly a decade.

As a composer and vocalist, his charismatic voice, often likened to Jay Kay of Jamiroquai, shines in both solo projects and collaborations with renowned producers like Demuja, Jean Tonique, and Oden & Fatzo. Leading the Secret Value Orchestra, the acclaimed live band of D.KO Records, Larry Houl shares his talents alongside top musicians.

With a distinctive imprint, Larry Houl continues to captivate electronic music enthusiasts globally. Not bad for a debut on The Disco Express.


Larry Houl – Into The Void EP [The Disco Express]

The Disco Express

Larry Houl

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