In the ongoing saga of musical metamorphosis, Steve Kimber unveiled himself under the cloak of anonymity, stepping onto the stage of Discoholics Anonymous Recordings in 2022 as the enigmatic Bobby Duffy And The Soulmates.

Here, in a harmonious dance of creative spirits, he joined forces with the illustrious Drop Out Orchestra, their collaborative efforts igniting a sonic fire that would become a defining moment in Kimber’s musical journey and has since resulted in a particularly fruitful collaboration between them.

In this debut, Steve Kimber emerges not as a purveyor of recycled melodies but as a visionary, breathing new life into the familiar. ‘Hot Love (The Many Moods Of Steve Kimber)‘ is a symphony of the old and the new, a testament to a musical alchemist who dares to blend nostalgia with cutting-edge creativity, ensuring that every note carries the imprint of his unique, soulful self.

Kimber’s carrer spans 30 plus years where he’s worked with Vanelle, Steve Bolton, Sally Shapiro, Johan Agebjörn, Jake Cusack and many more, and has had releases on renowned labels like Zyx, Slightly Transformed and skyQode.

Hot Love (The Many Moods Of Steve Kimber)‘ emerges as the enchanting peak of a remarkable partnership, weaving together the creative threads of Steve Kimber and Daniel Lindeberg and Inko Perä from Drop Out Orchestra.
Their collaboration unfolds like a vibrant tapestry, where each musician brings a unique hue to the canvas of sound, spanning several genres and sonic realms.
Through a shared passion for music, these talented artists and producers harmonize their diverse talents, resulting in an album that resonates with the essence of their collective creativity.

Hot Love (The Many Moods Of Steve Kimber)‘ is out 29th April 2024 world wide!


Steve Kimber

Drop Out Orchestra

Discoholics Anonymous Recordings

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