Discoholics Anonymous Recordings is proud to welcome Bobby Duffy And The Soulmates to the roster.
Behind BDATS we find Dan & Inko from Drop Out Orchestra pushing the boundaries between tongue-in-cheek humor, IntelliPop and Disco/Funk. They bring in the incomparable Steven Kimber on vocals and the message is clear: Strut your Disco at the local grocery store.
The heavy caballeros have been called on the remix side: omnipresent Monsieur Van Pratt delivers a mule-kick of a re-fix and UK based Twin Sun shines brighter than ever with their strutting remix, also available as instrumental.

Available in all good digital music stores and streaming.

The day is long and city’s hot
It’s time to show them what I’ve got
I’m tired of playing by the rules
I’m gonna take those shoppers back to school

What are you doing?

Butt naked at the grocery store
Or am I just crusing down the aisle commando style?

Hey you there put some clothes on!

I’m shifting shopping in my birthday suit

Haddock eggs melon lime
Beef steak, prime

Chicken to the left, to the right side cheese, open your knees and feel the breeze


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