In the nocturnal labyrinth of Swedish disco, there exists a pulsating entity known as Rikky Disco, birthed from the fervent minds of Chris Tall and Fanacy. Nestled in the neon embrace of Stockholm, their sonic tapestries bear the imprint of forgone disco titans such as Donna Summer, Cerrone, and the immortal ABBA. Conjuring modern odes to the golden age of groove, they meld the futuristic allure of Nu-Disco with a nostalgic reverence for ’70s glamour.

Together, Chris Tall and Fanacy, a dynamic musical duo, synergize their talents to craft mesmerizing compositions as showcased in L.O.V.E. (Love Is Basic). Within a symphony of sound, lush strings, vivacious piano, and buoyant bass converge in harmonious unity.

The allure is real and tangible, and you really need to peel your ears and gaze to the channels of Rikky Disco, so brace yourself, dear follower, for in their hands, the ordinary fades into insignificance, and the extraordinary becomes the new normal.

You can see Rikky Disco live 8th June at Dalston Roofpark.

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Rikky Disco – L.O.V.E. (Love Is Basic) [The Disco Express]

Rikky Disco

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