Chris Massey‘s Sprechen label always vouches for diversity and exciting audio. The Thief Of Time fits that bill perfectly.

I’m thrilled to premiere this audio adventure from the innovative hands of Massey himself. 

“A life and a love of electronic music make up the debut release by ‘The Thief Of Time’, a studio project which started back in the pandemic days and of which Chris has taken himself out of the club and drawn influences from a life & love of all things counter culture and ‘cult’ as well as personal life experiences to date.

Imposter Syndrome is the first single from the upcoming album and is a hypnotic & endearing electronic trip into the mind of perceived fraudulence. 

Ghostly synth sounds wrap around a hooky guitar line and reverb soaked percussion all in the mix with a truly stunning guest vocal from singer songwriter Bay Bryan and a lead vocal by Massey giving an honest, poetic yet psychedelic account into a mindset of fear, anxiety & questions of self belief. Massey is hoping to have built a live performance outfit around this new really exciting adventure to perform when the album drops on vinyl later this year.

– Sprechen”

So if you’re out for some genuinely interesting and engaging EDM with a nostalgic tinge, look no further!

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