It’s that time of the year again, like a second Christmas. Gregg Holmes aka. Fingerman‘s Hot Digits label has rounded up 30 top notch tracks from renowned artists like:

Dexter Jones, DJ Laurel, Ben Jamin, Fray Bentos, Even Funkier, Down Under Disco, Ben Banjo Field, Sauco, Groovemasta and tons more.

There is a large part of the release dedicated to slower grooves, which will surely find their purpose as glue in many a DJ set.

The compilation moves on to a really solid mid-tempo selection of tracks with stand out tracks from Sauco and Lup Ino.

C Da Afro, Dexter Jones, Barney Osborn and Barry Isaacs, Deemas J & The RITS Riddim Force Vs Jet Boot Jack blast off with post 125 BPM selections for the peak time hours.

This is an absolute MUST for all lovers of re-edits.

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