Bruce Leroys made a lasting impression with me after I heard his recent track “Tempo” which I covered in the amazing Art Of Tones remix.

Leroys is back with this dream work, literally, of his: “Melo da Cuíca” by legendary Azymuth!

In “Melo da Cuíca” (Aureum Remix), the percussion elements, drum turns, cuícas, whistles, layers of double bass, Hammond, Rhodes and synthesizers are all original recordings produced by us and performed by the official members of Azymuth: Alex Malheiros (double bass), Ivan Conti Mamão” (whistles, drums, percussion) and Kiko Continentino (Rhodes, Hammond and Synths) in 2017 at Castelo Studio, the same studio where the last Azymuth albums were recorded.

Our remix was approved by the founding members in early 2023 and is the collaboration that consolidates our current artistic phase, where we seek to fuse Brazilian jazz with a certain dance music, dance music that has a strong influence from Azymuth itself.

We hope this track warms the hearts of all fans friends and family of our dear “Mamão” and that it lives up to the expectations created by the Azymuth brand.

Peace & Love

Bruce Leroys, Aureum A&R

This is a feast for the real connoisseurs. Deep, rhythmic, clever and jazzy all mixed with panache and intellect.

With a solid understanding of the source material, Leroys combines the improvisational Geist of the original with innovation and a solid groove foundation for a modern audience. Kudos!

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Bruce Leroys

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