The Secret Soul Society, who is Cal Gibson of Neon Heights fame, delivers reimagined musical collages with a psychedelic touch, drawing from jazz, funk, Afro, beats, dub, soul, and reggae.

Having previously contributed to Nottingham’s music scene, Gibson’s passion for these genres led to releases on Paper Wave Recordings, an album on Slightly Transformed Recordings, and the co-founding of Scruffy Soul Recordings. This new collection exemplifies their unique approach.

The visionary, eclectic and wonderfully quirky Secret Soul Society drops a 15 track long player on Hell Yeah, and I’m proud to premiere one of the finest tracks off the “Keep The Mystique” LP. It’s called “Gimme A Break“.

As always Secret Soul Society draws upon House, Dub and Disco (along with smidgens of other-worldly sounds) in his musical backdrop.

Gimme A Break” comes off loopy and slightly askew, but surely lures you into its musical dimension.

It sits like a demented king on “Keep The Mystique“, along with a menagerie of wonderfully weird and warbled sonic prime cuts.

Also check out the equally mind bending “Don’t Fight The Feeling”

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