Pete Whiteley, who superflied onto my very own Discoholics Anonymous Recordings back in December, has unleashed a fresh sonic gem with his latest release on Good Custard Records, aptly titled “If You Get It Right“. This track is a euphoric blend of styles, where squelchy House rhythms meet the uplifting vibes of danceable feel-goodness. It’s an auditory journey that deftly balances the tightly constructed beats of House music with the nostalgic echoes of string-filled Disco, all while infusing a decent dash of 303 Acid to spice things up.

The magic of “If You Get It Right” would fit perfectly in a post midnight DJ set.

Picture this: the fog rolling across the dance floor, strobe lights cutting through the haze, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

This track has the power to transport listeners back in time to those hazy, euphoric 90s Rave warehouse sessions, where the music wasn’t just heard, but deeply felt.
It’s a piece that not only resonates with the nostalgic but also vibrates with the energy of modern dance floors, bridging the gap between eras in a celebration of rhythm and melody.

Pete Whiteley has indeed crafted a track that gets it just right – a perfect homage to the past while propelling listeners into the exhilarating future of electronic music.


Pete Whiteley – If You Get It Right [Good Custard]

Good Custard

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