If you look under surefire hit supplier, you’ll see a neat photo of a pumped and ready Greek called Christos. You may only know him as the non-caped Disco avenger called C. Da Afro.

Again and again the fellow chugs out massive floor fillers and doesn’t seem to be stopping in 2024. Our luck!

Non Stop Dance” emerges as a vibrant and dynamic House-infused Disco concoction, masterfully crafted to transform any dance floor from lifeless to teeming with energy within the mere span of its first four bars. This track, with its infectious rhythms and pulsating beats, encapsulates the quintessential essence of mid-1970s dance culture, channeling the era’s unbridled optimism and the burgeoning discotheque scene.

The seamless fusion of classic disco strings with modern house synths creates an electrifying atmosphere, making “Non Stop Dance” an irresistible call to the dance floor that is bound to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of dancers and music lovers alike.

Thank you kindly to the wonderful crew from theBasement Discos for this amazing release and for letting me premiering it.


C. Da Afro – Non Stop Dance [theBasement Discos]

C. Da Afro

theBasement Discos

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