Emerging once again from the vibrant heart of Liverpool’s electric music scene, the man, the myth, the legend—Ben Jamin—makes a triumphant return to Discoholics Anonymous Recordings. After setting the stage ablaze with his critically acclaimed “Thru The Mirrorball EP” in 2023, Ben Jamin is back to captivate audiences and dance floors alike.

His latest masterpiece, “Dam Rite,” is nothing short of a sonic revelation. It’s a track that effortlessly secures its place as a quintessential dance floor dominator. With its irresistible fusion of funky grooves and soulful vibes, it’s a testament to Jamin’s unparalleled ability to craft music that moves both the body and the spirit. His approach, tighter than ever, weaves a rich tapestry of sound that’s both fresh and deeply rooted in the traditions of soul and funk.
A celebration of rhythm and melody that promises to wreak havoc in the best way possible.

As “Dam Rite” reverberates through the speakers, it’s clear that Ben Jamin has not only matched the high expectations set by his previous work but surpassed them.
With each beat, each note, he solidifies his status as not just a musician, but as a force of nature within the music world. This track is more than just a dead cert floor filler; it’s a declaration of Ben Jamin‘s enduring prowess and his unwavering commitment to elevating the dance music landscape. Get ready to lose yourself in the magic of “Dam Rite.”


Ben Jamin – Dam Rite [Discoholics Anonymous Recordings]

Ben Jamin

Discoholics Anonymous Recordings

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