In the twisted labyrinth of musical exploration, where the beats echo like the pulse of a neon-lit city at midnight, Paul DaSoul’s ‘Give Me‘ emerges as a funky revelation, a sonic odyssey that demands attention and defies categorization. The lead track from his forthcoming EP, slated to drop on Hot Gorilla Records come February 23, 2024, is no mere composition; it’s a wild ride through the kaleidoscopic landscape of DaSoul’s audacious creativity.

Picture this: slap bass reverberates through the air, resonating like the heartbeats of a dancefloor possessed. Horn blasts punctuate the space, injecting an electrifying energy that hovers between chaos and controlled chaos. DaSoul’s audacious use of a hip-house vocal becomes the narrator of this auditory escapade, a charismatic guide leading you through the intoxicating swirl of beats and melodies.

Give Me‘ is more than a song; it’s a clandestine weapon in the DJ’s arsenal, a sonic contraband that has been unleashing its infectious groove on unsuspecting dancefloors. Live instrumentation and electronic beats engage in a feverish dance, blurring the lines between the analog and the digital, the past and the future. It’s a fusion that teeters on the edge of musical anarchy, yet somehow DaSoul manages to mold it into a symphony of controlled pandemonium.

This seriously strong track is a testament to DaSoul’s undeniable talent, a proclamation that a new force has arrived on the music scene. So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a ride into the heart of DaSoul’s sonic maelstrom. With ‘Give Me,’ he’s not just breaking the rules; he’s rewriting the very script of musical rebellion, and you’d be wise to buckle up and surrender to the chaos. In the world of Paul DaSoul, the only certainty is that the beats will be relentless, the melodies untamed.


Paul DaSoul – Give Me [Hot Gorilla Records]

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