Picture this, my friends, a journey into the sonic abyss, deep and dirty, pulsating with sleazy vibes that hit you like a fistful of gusto. I’m talking about Unclepasha’sTol’ko Ya,” the kind of auditory escapade that’ll have you questioning reality, here in the original mix.

Now, this ain’t your grandma’s stroll down memory lane. No, siree. We’re diving headfirst into the Russian disco underworld of 1981, crafted by the maestro Vyacheslav Dobrynin. But hold on to your hats, because Unclepasha, that mad sonic scientist, has grabbed this track by the horns and injected it with a double dose of the groove factor.

This isn’t just a remix; it’s a resurrection, a wild ride through time and space where the groove is cranked up to eleven. Unclepasha‘s got his hands on the controls, and he’s steering this sonic spaceship straight into the heart of deepest reaches of disco space.

Fans of Vintage Music – and you know who you are – get ready to have your minds blown, courtesy of the fearless label honcho Aleksandr Chebankov, alias Sunner Soul. This ain’t your average retro rewind; it’s a bold, audacious move in audio form.

So, strap yourselves in, my fellow seekers of the unconventional. Unclepasha and Sunner Soul are taking us on a trip, and there’s no telling where the groove-infused rabbit hole might lead. It’s a musical expedition, my friends, and the only way out, or in, is through the electrifying beats of “Tol’ko Ya.”


Unclepasha – Tol’ko Ya (Original Mix) [Vintage Music]

Vintage Music

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