Rafael Fernández has previously roamed on labels such as Editorial, Hotbox, Hotdigits, Wall of Fame, Deep Sense, Midnight Riot, Alpaca, Masterworks, Spa in Disco, Wonderful Times and several others.
His main traits are funky and groove driven tracks with a very special South American tinge.

Here we find him in free dressage at Monsieur Van Pratt‘s Super Spicy label, where he fits wonderfully well into the menagerie.
We are super proud to premiere his Lady DD EP which hits worldwide April 17th 2020, but is available as pre-release promo on Traxsource.

Margarita’s Disco Machine is a guitar death race in a sense.
The atmosphere is lewd and raunchy, in the mid-tempo area, and oozes of Latino juice and power.
The track builds around a guitar solo that is twisted and cut with a soft but firm backing of 4/4 drums and a lint sprinkle of percussions and FX.
This will sit well for those who are looking for a track in the mid-tempo area that holds back a little, and sprinkles some sexiness as you build things up.

The true star of the release is arguably the super-crisp title track, Lady DD, which ushers in drum riffs from the golden era of funk, sampling a classic vocal, without getting clichéd.
Already two minutes in, the first equilibristic synth solo is sweeping the field, and the VU meter is peaking, but still in a laidback, super spicy atmosphere that tempts and entices with the inviting rhythms of bygone champagne colored hazes.
This is sophistication wrapped to fullest satisfaction. Super Spicy does it!

It will be available May 1st 2020 as a promo on Traxsource, and will be available worldwide May 29th 2020 in all good sound stores!

Rafel Fernández

I feel delighted to be part of Super Spicy as I am convinced it is rapidly becoming an essential output for electronic music and a flagship label for the Mexican scene. Both these tracks dwell around late 1970’s disco sounds; rarities played in Chicago nightclubs remain to be sources of majestic groove — a supernatural force that keeps us getting down. I have been seen and felt people’s reactions when they listen to these tracks. The energy that humans can create while dancing, partying and having a good time is very special and in times like this, we sure need to summon it. This Ep is an invitation to move your ass; let the power of music and love heal you!

– Rafael Fernández
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