Frivolous FabioLous Barker launches ‘Evolution‘, which is set to both ignite the dancefloor as well as the minds.

We of course obliged immediately when we got the chance to premiere this power player from Ganbatte.

The track itself has a super crunchy back drop with sublime percussions, funky rhythm guitars and some wicked keys.

The bass work is fantastic, getting your boogies going.

On top you hear a speech, a break down of oppression of black people of the past centuries. Provocative, politically laden and of course bound to stir up some commotion. But in this day and age we need it.

FabioLous Barker is a bold artist, showcasing pure talent here, with a great production sound and a great sense of details. This proves Barker is as powerful an artist, as an editor.

Get your copy here.

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