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Label boss Igor Gonya has been grooming this release ever since the incredible success of the first volume of Disciplin Of Swing, which was released back in September 2020.
See-Saw aren’t resting on their laurels!

Hotmood – Seductive Look is a demanding mistress of a track, insisting on dragging you onto the dance floor. Sweeping and swirling like a starlet it’s a full-fledged Hotmood production with all the trimmings.

C. Da Afro – Time To Move by Greek demigod of re-edits is a classic example on everything there is to love about C. Da Afro. A driving rhythm, full horn section and boogiebass to set it all a-rollin’. Impossible to sit still to!

Ziggy Phunk – Space Ranger dials it back a little and thereby creates a proper chugger. Sampled percussions are thrown left and right, the front-center, intensifying and teasing you like a seasoned stripper.
The Danish edit guru dishes up a proper rarity with this one!

Alexny – Umbele is an able way of finishing this incredible follow up to Disciplin Of Swing vol. 1. Afro at its best! The spaced out breakdown is simply to die for. You can literally feel the pulsating, sweat-dripping dance floor in this one.

This is a crafty new edition to what is now a series in progress. Don’t wait to buy. It will sell out fast!

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