French Disco connoisseur and aficionado, Ferdinand Debeaufort immediately caught my ears and attention when I entered the Disco edits scenes a few years back.
His style is unmistakeable and he’s worked hard to build a solid following over the years.

So when Ferdinand presented me with these two tracks and asked if I was interested in releasing them on Discoholics Anonymous Recordings I wasn’t in any doubt at all. It’s two cunningly crafted re-edits of the highest standard, and I’m confident you’ll love them like I do.

Groovin’ In All Directions is a sly and upbeat New Age groover with all the markings of a classic.
Debeaufort builds it up with insane tension and execution and drives you crazy with the groove that starts oozing from the track from the first bar. That bassline is impossible to resist! Try and fail.

Around starts off in the same fashion, here with a manic piano riff, sampled and looped like there’s no tomorrow, thus creating a modern approach for this Soul classic.
‘Turn The World Around” is looped to a chant, and by gully do we want to turn the world around right now!

Play it smart and get it before its world wide release on 5/3-2021.

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