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And Friends Records have just released VA009 in their series of compilations, which are gaining great support.

This edition consists of entries by Jet Boot Jack, Ezirk, Pookie Knights and Uptown Funk.

Jet Boot Jack’s Special Feeling is one of his best offerings so far. It’s got charm and style in equal measures along with a tight finish production wise. 

Ezirk’s catchy contribution lines up nicely with Ezirk has been putting out as of late. It’s a happy camper of a track to put a Smoothie Smile on you lips. 

Pookie Knights are consistent as ever with their gleaming post-peak-time belter of that is Deep Stuff.

Uptown Funk continues into the depths of late night with the saxolicious Slidin’ which stands as one of their fines offerings thus far. 

Once more label manager Ezirk has manged to curate a compilation of a high, high standard, which by now has become the label’s pedigree. 

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